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Are you measuring your plates? You should be!

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Are you measuring your plates? You should be!
Just think of the costs of incorrect plates. The lost time, make-ready costs and press down-time waiting for the corrections. It can add up to a lot of money, even on a typical job. Is it worth it? Can you afford not to have a plate control solution?

PlateScope offers advanced, unsurpassed accuracy and repeatability for the latest plate and screening technologies. It supports all current screening technologies, including AM, FM, XM and hybrid screen types.

PlateScope is equipped with two cameras; a color camera for positioning, and a high resolution monochrome camera for measurements. With the high resolution measurement camera, the edges of dots are accurately detected, even for thin screenings.

Easy to Use
The colorful, icon-based interface makes PlateScope easy to operate. 
PlateScope's patent-pending auto-contrast video targeting system allows you to easily identify the targeted measurement areas you want — even from a full arm's length away or in darker environments.

FOGRA Measuring Bar (FMB) Support:
PlateScope supports measurements in compliance with the FOGRA Measuring Bar (FMB), aligning your plate measurements to the official reference standard from the Fogra Institute, if that is your reference of choice.

PlateQuality 2.0 & Capture Tool

  • New PlateQuality 2.0 Software
    Designed specifically for X-Rite plate control devices, PlateQuality software stores, visualizes, and documents both individual measurements and plate characteristic curve measurements giving operators a saveable, visual dot reference to refer back to when needed. Both measurement values and plate images are stored in a database.

  • New Capture Tool Software
    Capture Tool software allows users to easily import measurement values and plate images directly into an active Windows application, such as Microsoft Excel, for quality tracking purposes.

    View more information on plate control software from X-Rite

    PlateQuality and Capture Tool software is provided with all PlateScope devices.

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