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Stream 8 Standard Workflow

Workflow, Rip & Imposition for Cobalt-8

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Stream 8 Standard Workflow Package (Workflow, RIP and Imposition)

Provides a basic, automated workflow with remote job configuration/file submission, PostScript level 3 Harlequin RIP and Stream PDF Imposition V5 for Pre-Rip PDF Imposition. Ripped and screened files are available for transferring to the Escher-Grad RasterPrint Station.

I. Stream Workflow
II. Stream RIP
III. Stream PDF Imposition V5 (unlimited plate size)

I. Stream Workflow
Stream Workflow is a professional prepress workflow system that offers a functional approach to streamlining prepress productivity. Stream Workflow's practical user interface allows prepress professionals to create and customize specific workflows that optimize and automate the prepress production process.

Complete with Installation CD (Design Palette and Embedded Modules).
1. Stream Designer -Design Palette
2. Module

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