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Super See Zone

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Super See Zone

This is a two piece “Anti-Marking System” that consists of a high performance, long-lasting transfer cylinder jacket with a corresponding ZONE Overlay.

With the Super SEE ZONE jacket installed on the transfer or delivery cylinders, the operator can easily identify a ZONE in need of cleaning by simply lining up the overlay with the printed sheet to determine the exact ZONE to be cleaned on the cylinder jacket.

Using the Super SEE ZONE System, the operator can easily identify a ZONE in need of cleaning.

When marking occurs, place the transparent Super SEE Zone OVERLAY on top of a printed sheet to identify the specific Zone to clean on the transfer or delivery cylinder jacket and you’re back up and running in less time than washing the
entire jacket.

Save Time, Money & LABOR by cleaning only the specified ZONE

By cleaning only 1 ZONE, you reduce your cleaning time DRASTICALLY

Cleaning just a small area greatly extends the lifetime of the Super SEE cylinder jacket

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